Choose the Ice Melt that best meets your needs

Selection and Pricing may vary by store.  Although supply chain improved dramatically for 2023, it is always best to contact the store for items currently in stock. 


Effectively melts ice and snow at a lower cost than calcium chloride.  It's 100% Rock Salt for good ice melt and traction. 

Specialty Ice Melts 

Pet safe - Pet Safe ice melt is the best choice when fur babies are in the house.  While all ice melt products lower the freezing point of water, Pet Safe products use naturally occurring ingredients. 

Calcium Chloride

Ice melts that contain salts can cause skin irritations with dogs and cats.  After a walk always check your pet for red or chaffed paws and skin irritations.  ( excessive licking can also be a sign) 
It's good to apply ice melt before it snows t prevent ice from forming under the snow.