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What you're Looking For Now. 

Every good planting begins with well conditioned soil.  
Best Feeds Soil Conditioner  is used by our pro landscaper customers and for our own use.
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Best Feeds Garden Centers is your local supplier of Joy Dog Food.

We are happy to announce that our Gibsonia store now carries the most popular varieties of Joy Dog Food.  Joy Dog Food provides a high quality formula to meet the nutritional needs of very active dogs.  We carry: Maintenance Plus and Super Meal in 40 lb. bags and High Energy in 50 lb. bag.

Made in the USA, Joy Dog Food is a legacy brand of Best Feeds Garden Centers.

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Sowing Seeds

Here are some general guidelines:

Select seeds that will grow in the area where you want to plant and will mature in time.                                     
Use seed trays or pots with drain holes and make sure they are clean.      
Fill containers with soil, preferably with seed starting mix.  Fill to about an inch of the top.                                        Sow seeds per the package directions for depth and spacing.  Make a small dent place in seed and cover with soil.  Gently water.                         
Place in a warm, well lit area so that seeds germinate.  Try a sunny window or a grow light.                                       
Keep moist and thin out if seedlings need space to grow.

Transplanting Seedlings  

Prepare Transplant Site

> Harden off Seedlings - set outside for a few hours everyday and expose to direct sunlight and wind.
> Transplant - When the weather is right, remove from container and dig a hole slightly larger than root. 
> Backfill and Water - Fill the hole with soil to support seedling & water.           > Mulch - Mulching is optional and a layer at the base holds down leaves and regulates soil temperature.             > Water - water as needed and protect from pests and bad weather until plants are well established.

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