Best Feeds Naturally Organic Soil Conditioner

Our many years of experience, now packaged into 2 cu. ft.:

Let's begin we the question most customers ask: "What is soil conditioner and why do I need to use it for planting?" Soil amendments such as Best Feeds Pine Bark Soil Conditioner, loosen hard soils, condition the soil for planting and promotes healthy root growth. 
It does this by adding naturally occurring beneficial bacteria to the soil to stimulate root growth. Because aeration is improved, more oxygen is available for healthy roots and improved drainage prevents root rot. The improved texture makes soil lighter and when used in planting beds, makes managing and planting much easier.

So How Much Do I Add? 

Well that answer depends on the situation. To prepare a single hole for planting trees, shrubs or perennials the best mix is 50/50 with existing soil. When preparing planting beds, first begin by tilling the soil. The rule of thumb is that more is not better. Always keep a minimum of 50% of at the original soil in any planting area. Plants will do better when there is an adequate amount of the surrounding soil as they become established. In a planting bed; approximately 6 bags are recommended per 100 sq. ft.

More about mulch: 

Mulch by the yard for pick-up or delivery

Best Feeds bulk mulch is locally produced, locally processed by local employees.  It is all natural using Pennsylvania hardwood, not commercial or industrial waste.  Soils are regionally acquired, screened and blended with no chemical additives.

HOW TO DETERMINE HOW MUCH MULCH TO ORDER: To determine how much mulch is required to apply to a bed or any area, multiply the length of area by its width. This equals the square footage. Deduct any non-landscape areas such as gardens or house. A depth of about 3 inches will keep weeds under control. Next: Take the square inches and multiply by depth (converted to decimal in feet - for 3" divide 3 by 12) 3/12 = .25 So how many cubic yards to you need for your project? For a 12' x 10' bed there is 120 sq. ft. (12 x 10 = 120) Take the 120 x .25 (the 3" depth factor). 120x .25 = 30 cu. ft. To order cubic yards divided 30 by 27. (27 is the conversion factor, just go with it). So you need 30/27 = 1.1 cu. yards.